In 2017, a little over a thousand Graduate Center students were registered as international students, comprising more than a quarter of the total enrollment. And though there are no numbers on how many classes international students teach across CUNY, we can safely say that with GC students teaching over 200,000 undergraduates in CUNY classrooms annually, international students take up a fair share of this number.*

At a public urban university as diverse as CUNY, international student teachers thus fulfill an important role. They bring to the classroom unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds and experiences, which, together with the enormously diverse backgrounds of their students, creates many opportunities. Rather than seeing their unique positions and experiences in educational systems different from those of the U.S., as many other colleges do, as a challenge and hurdle to overcome, we want to recognize and capitalize on what GC international students have to offer.

This site aims to bring together international teaching fellows, adjuncts, and visiting scholars and instructors from across CUNY. We will share resources and experiences, and hope to create a community of international teachers dedicated to enriching their classrooms through their own and their students’ experiences.

Please consider joining our group on the CUNY Academic Commons to connect with fellow int’l student teachers and to ask questions and participate in discussions.

This project came out of series of workshops by the Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center on “Teaching as an International Student” and a Spring/Fall 2017 Focused Inquiry Group (FIG) on the same topic. It’s a work in progress and we very much welcome your feedback and contributions. Please contact the FIG’s facilitator and TLC fellow Anke Geertsma (ankegeertsma at gmail.com) if you have any questions, like to write a blogpost on your own experiences, or want to contribute in any other way.

* For exact numbers on GC enrollment by national origin, see the GC Office of Institutional Research’s data on GC Student Nationality

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